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Tangian (A. S.). – Indexing social security in 22 European states. In : Économie sociale et droit, éd. par Bourreau-Dubois (C.) et Jeandidier (B.), XXVIes journées de l’Association d’Économie Sociale, L'Harmattan, tome 2, p. 305-319. – Paris, 2006.


Social security systems in 22 European countries are evaluated with an indicator based on a micro-census-simulating model which combines statistical and rule-based approaches. The goal is estimating the national average of net-income replacement rates (NRR) for unemployed persons. Such an indicator reveals the total decline of European social security by 2004 contrary to institutional improvements. A resolution of European policy contradictions can be attained by the “basic income model” with “flexinsurance”.

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