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Marlier (E.) et Berghman (J.). – Open Coordination at EU Level in the Field of Social Protection and Social Inclusion : Streamlining without Diluting. In : Familles et solidarités, éd. par Girard (D.), XXIVes journées de l’Association d’Économie Sociale, L'Harmattan, tome 1, p. 43-59. – Paris, 2004.


This paper discusses important issues raised by the agreement among European Union (EU) Member States to streamline the EU social policy processes as from 2006. It reviews the various reasons why a condition for this streamlining to really strengten the social dimension of the Lisbon strategy is to further develop and consolidate existing EU cooperation in the social area. On these grounds, it briefly examines various requirements that need to be fulfilled to ensure such a development and consolidation for the existing EU social inclusion process.

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