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Marlier (E.), Atkinson (T.) et Nolan (B.). – Setting social inclusion targets in a European union context. In : Mondialisation et régulation sociale, éd. par Euzéby (C.), Carluer (F.), Chapon (S.), Euzéby (A.), Mansanti (D.) et Offredi (C.), XXIIIes journées de l’Association d’Économie Sociale, L'Harmattan, tome 1, p. 223-236. – Paris, 2003.


Further to the decision of the spring 2002 European council, European union (EU) countries have been invited to set quantitative targets in their National Action Plans on social inclusion for significantly reducing the number of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion. This paper investigates various technical and policy issues that have to be addressed at national or EU level when setting such targets.

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